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Each Treatment focuses on giving you the best of both worlds. Osmosis +Pur Medical Products and top of the line machines: Microcurrent, Revitapen, Microdermabrasion, and Ultrasonic work on producing the results that you want. Plus, 90 minutes allows for optimum relaxation and healing that so often is forgotten about in Treatment Oriented Facials. Having done Therapeutic Bodywork for 8 years, your experience with me is much more healing and balancing instead of a quick fluff and buff facial.

I am dedicated to offering innovative skincare with progressive ingredients and when addressing skin issues, I am determined to find a solution.  I am part of an esteemed group of Holistic Licensed Estheticians that upgrade our skill and education daily.  I am also in conversation with the Scientists and Doctors who developed Osmosis +Pur Medical Products and Tama Research.

My philosophy is that most skin conditions have a wellness component, which is why most of my treatments use products and technology that treat skin health from the inside out.

 Addressing the source of skin conditions, Osmosis products work to transcend: exposure to ozone, cigarette smoking, air pollutants, industrial chemicals and less than perfect food that is going directly in our bodies.  This skincare line creates products that not only help our bodies with DNA repair on a cellular level, (without damage) but also create real, VISIBLE results in the health of your skin.